Somatic Convergence Intensive Experiences

Somatic Convergence Intensives take you on a carefully orchestrated schedule of training which cycles between 5 levels of intensity: Warm-Up, Vigorous, Intense, Soothing, and Still. 

All 5 Intensity levels of our program (including Still periods) build upon and reinforce each other, actively awakening your kinesthetic awareness the entire time you are with us.

Overview of Intensive Activities

Our training is conducted in our specially-designed, world-class facility, constructed with great attention to detail in one of Maine’s beautiful historic properties.

From our Banya (Russian-style sauna) and cold pool (complete with ice, of course) to our bodywork rooms and studios, we’ve spared no expense to create the perfect environment for the work and training we—and you—do.

Vibracussor Impact Bodywork Session

Vibracussor Impact Bodywork Sessions (20 min.) (3)

Dual Vibracussor work gives many of the benefits of deep strike work, without fear or pain; especially in terms of bringing to the attention of the brain, tissue which has been de-sensitized by long-term, chronic contraction.

Russian Stick Bodywork Sessions

Russian Stick Bodywork Sessions (40 min.) (5)

The heart of the program. Russian Stick Bodywork is our #1 area of expertise and the key game-changer for people who have not experienced this extraordinary approach to tension release. No other system is faster for releasing profound amounts of tension from the body and psyche. Our entire program is designed to enhance the already amazing results of this ancient art, which has been so little known in the west before now.

Awareness Through Movement Lessons

Awareness Through Movement Lessons [ATM] (approx. 45 min.) (5)

Students will begin and end each day of training with a relaxing ATM, each which will clearly improve the efficiency of movement, by performing specific, unusual, very slow movement sequences, mixed with focussing attention at different parts of the body while moving.

Systema Breathing Lessons

Systema Breathing Lessons (1 hour) (2)

Russian Breath Work, set against simple movement and exercises. Unusual and extremely practical, will improve physical performance as well as developing the ability to remain calm, even when working under stress.

Combat Movement

Combat Movement (4)

Systema Class, although in our program, not necessarily oriented toward practical fighting skills. We will concentrate on basic movements, safe falling, ground movement, remaining calm while being restrained, and much more.

Hours Somatic Movement (Mixed Disciplines)

Somatic Movement (Mixed Disciplines) (3)

We will invite high-level Instructors of other Somatic Disciplines, such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Cranial Sacral, Somatic Experiencing, and other techniques to teach our students fundamentals. A great way to keep it fresh and experience more of what the Somatic Community of disciplines has to offer.

Somatic Massage Sessions

Somatic Massage Sessions (Light Work) (2)

Extraordinary massage, as a lesson. Far less intense than Stick Work, this is a chance to truly relax, while remaining cognitively engaged, feeling the Myo-Fascial Meridians of tension, which run up and down the body. A great way to hear a few lectures about tension, while feeling great.

Banya Russian-Style Sauna and Cold Pool

Banya (Russian Style Sauna) (2)

Last night of training is Banya Night! Russian-style Sauna which runs at 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Our Banya area is comfortable and includes hot showers and cold pool. Everyone’s Favorite!

Sensory Deprivation Float

Sensory Deprivation Float (2)

The many benefits of sensory deprivation are magnified after a good long day of Somatic Training. So much sensation the brain needs to absorb and make sense of; completely eliminating distractions lets your brain do its thing, 100%.