Embracing somatic methods from many traditions

The Somatic Training Network (STN) promotes and markets touch & movement based wellness disciplines of all kinds. We are proponents of “Training to Relax,” and of bringing together a “Somatics Community,” which welcomes all disciplines designed to increase Kinesthetic Awareness. Most importantly, STN is the first Western organization to incorporate Russian Military training methods into the world of Somatic bodywork.

Founder Dan Sykes discovered the Russian martial art Systema in 2010, and in 2014 became the first known person to undergo daily sessions of the intense “Russian Stick Bodywork” traditionally experienced no more than once a week. Three straight weeks of these daily sessions helped Dan to realize the powerful potential of this technique as a release of physical and emotional tension. Dan has since dedicated his life to blending the crucial aspects of these traditional Russian techniques with western neuroscience; to create a unique methodology of training; which is unparalleled in speed or thoroughness.

The Headquarters of the Somatic Training Institute is in Brewer, Maine at their custom-designed Elk River Studios, which includes uniquely designed bodywork rooms, luxury Russian-style sauna and cold-pool, and beautiful dining facilities.

Elk River Studios also boasts a world-class production studio for the creation of somatic training videos with a soundstage (including a seamless green screen), a mastering quality mix room, and post-production suites.

Relax with Intensity, Playfulness, Pleasure and Ease